What is Coin Roll Hunting (CRH)?

For those of you that don’t know, Coin Roll Hunting (CRH) is a treasure-hunting activity where you search coin stock for high-grade coins, rare coins, varieties, and errors. You buy money from the bank, search it, keep the valuables you find, and return the rest so you can get more to search. Repeat the process as often as you can, and it costs less than a bad habit because most of the money spent goes back to the bank!

It doesn’t have to be the bank, it could easily have been a laundromat, car wash, under your couch pillows, arcade, casino, the “Leave Penny, Take a Penny” tray at your local convenient store, or just about anywhere you might find currency exchanged.

CRH has become a fulfilling hobby and past-time for many people with a wide range of backgrounds, reasons, and success levels. There are many degrees of success achieved by those who CRH and the levels of success depend on who you ask. One might spend a lifetime searching and not find anything over $100 while another might have found a $100,000 coin the first week of trying! It can be life-changing for a lucky few.

Someone may look through coins with their son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother, sister, father, or mother and may find something interesting, maybe it isn’t valuable, but the time spent together was worth all the gold in the world. Regardless, once a coin is found, what do you do with it? Should you get it graded?